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Maci Chance

I offer clients 4+ years of operational and transactional real estate experience. My specialty is helping divorced women with children to minimize the stress and maximize the proceeds of selling the marital home. As a divorced mother of two, I understand the fear, uncertainty and challenges of starting over. I’m committed to helping every client land in the best place to start their next chapter.

5 Things to Think About When Relocating to Denver


It’s no mystery we at Live.Laugh.Denver. and Live.Laugh.Rent.Denver. love Denver – we even subbed out the word “love” in our name for Denver, because, who needs love when you have Denver?  So, it’s no surprise to us close to 100,000 people relocated to Denver in the last 7 years. If someone you know (or maybe you!) is thinking about relocating to Denver, check out our list below of 5 Things to Think About When Relocating to Denver and be sure to reach out to us whether you are looking to rent or buy when you get here we would love to help!

1. 300 Days of Sunshine – Although Denver gets over 50 inches of snow on average in the winter, most storms are brief and followed up with a gorgeous blue sky sunny day. Summers are equally wonderful, although the days can get hot, Denver doesn’t have much humidity making the hot temps much more tolerable. Be warned though – the weather can change on a dime.

2. The Economy is Booming – With many large companies opening offices in Denver and the surrounding areas, there are many great jobs available. However, competition for a quality job can be intense. Also, wages in Denver might not be as high as they need to be to afford the cost of living. The rise in housing costs is currently outpacing salary increases.

3. All the Food and All the Booze – Denver has long been a beer lovers paradise, but it is becoming a foodie town too. I mean Denver was even the host city for last season of Bravo’s Top Chef!

4. You Probably Already Know Someone Who Lives Here – If you are under 44, you will fit right in (not to say if you are over 44 you won’t!), 66% of Denverites are under 44, which means you probably have a friend or a friend of a friend who just moved here. While that means you might have a couch to crash on for a few weeks, it also means there is high demand for apartments and houses. Apartments rent for an average of $1,519 a month, with median home prices jumping 10% to $420,000 in 2018.

5. There is Always Something to Do – Food and the beer festivals all year long, tons of hiking, world-class ski resorts a short drive away, and one of the best concert venues in the world (Red Rocks), not to mention, all the professional sports teams – I mean there seriously isn’t anything better than a Rockies game on a summer night (fan or not, Coors field has been called one of the best bars in Denver)!

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